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Over years of experience Dr.Gülnihal Bülbül has proven herself to be a highly sophisticated professional. Her compassion and care for her patients, the commitment to her work keeps attracting people from multiple nationalities who is givin birth in istanbul Turkey.Two spoken languages (English and Turkish) guarantee understanding between the patient and the doctor.


So if you want to have a natural birth,you have a place to visit in İstanbul.

Natural childbirth is actually something that many women are open to considering, up to 60% of women who had had a medicated birth reported, in a recent study, that they were open to the idea of a natural childbirth or unmedicated birth. Yet the list of reasons why women want a natural childbirth are varied. Here are some typical responses:

Better for Baby

Easier on Recovery

Less Risk of Cesarean Section or Other Intervention

More Control

It’s How Humen body is Made Faith and trust. There are also a growing number of women who simply trust that this is how their bodies created – to give birth. They have the trust that with the guidance from their practitioners and support team that they can make it through labor comfortably and empowered without the use of medications.

One of the secrets of natural childbirth is to realize that the choice is not simply epidural or suffer. Women who choose to have a natural childbirth have a lot of  

technique that they use to labor comfortably.Childbirth classes,Relaxation,

Music,Breathing techniques,Water birth etc